69 Years Ago Today… American Kids Don’t Beg – They March…

PM Daily, November 26, 1943, photos by Morris Gordon

“American boys don’t beg.” That’s the slogan of the ragamuffin parade put on yesterday by the Madison Square Boys’ Club in an effort to stamp out the habit of street soliciting by children. Here boys representing many of the United Nations pass in the line of march…
The highlight of the parade was this group. Churchill and Roosevelt drive Hitler and Tojo by their respective necks. Procession started from 301 E. 29th St.
This bit of symbolism represents Mayor La Guardia thrashing the hide out of the Black Market. Esoteric stuff, eh?

Great NYPL blog post: “Thanksgiving Ragamuffin Parade.”

East 29th Street, looking west.

East 29th Street, looking east.
The ragamuffin has vanished…

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