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“to a quarter of their plans, that’s my paper.” We are anxious for you to see it — no need to tell you — and that’s one reason we’re writing in advance, and disclosing the full story to you.

Our press capacity at the beginning may not exceed 200,000. That’s cautious, and we have to be cautious. In the beginning, sure as shooting, it won’t be easy to get PM. Curiosity alone can readily sweep every edition off the stands, minutes after delivery.

We are particularly anxious, however, that a sizable group of picked readers outside of New York are not left out in the cold. You are one of them, and that is why we are sending you the enclosed Charter Subscription card.

WE ARE ARRANGING FOR A FAST PLANE AND TRAIN DISTRIBUTION system that will get PM to you first thing in the morning. Thus it will bring you the latest national and international news ON THE SAME DAY, or even before, your own morning newspaper — and always AT LEAST SIX DAYS FRESHER than a weekly could possibly get it to you.

The enclosed airmail Charter Subscription card will ensure you getting Vol. I, No. I if we receive it in time. In addition, we are arranging to print a limited number of copies of a special PREVIEW EDITION OF PM — to be called Vol. I, No. O — and these will be sent ONLY to Charter Subscribers — those who send in the enclosed reservation cards. THESE PREVIEW PM’S WILL NOT BE SOLD TO THE PUBLIC. They are certain to be very valuable “firsts” — even more so than Vol. I, No. I.

A last word — very important. It is necessary that you mail the air-mail card immediately. You can understand that the bulk of our first editions have to go on the newsstands, for the public, catch-as-catch-can. We just won’t have any time to write any more letters to those whom we regard as our first friends.

We hope you will include yourself among them.

Sincerely yours,
Robert L. Bliss

Assistant to the Publisher

P.S. Please don’t send any check or money with the card. You will be billed for PM later, after you have begun to receive it. Simply specify the length of time you want us to send it to you. An extra Charter Subscription card is enclosed in case you want to pass it along to a friend.”

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