“His keen eye did fly”

Le Monde.fr
April 11, 2014

(Great Google translation)

“The eye scoundrel Weegee”

“It is always a pleasure to find Weegee, the night owl who photographed crimes and settling of accounts, suicides and bastons in New York of the 1930s and 1940s. His keen eye did fly, as its black humor : letters and signs in the city manage to drag in the image blink of an eye the macabre corpse that just to cool .
Gallery Blue sky in Lyon , favored in the collection of Michel and Michèle Auer, images that show Weegee, paparazzi and see , was also a portraitist – especially with an amazing series of photos prostitutes, gangsters or Mafia … taken in the paddy wagon.”

“Weegee the Famous. Black photography” on gallery Blue sky, 12, rue des Whimsical, Lyon 1. Tel. : 04-72-07-84-31. Until June 21

Screen shot from Le Monde.fr

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