74 Years Ago Today… “Artists Mourn a Fascinating Model: Manhattan Els”

PM, September 29, 1940, pp50-51
“Artists Mourn a Fascinating Model: Manhattan Els”
by Elizabeth Sacartoff
“Early in October, they expect to start junking the 72-year-old Ninth Ave. El. Later in the month, the Board of Transportation hopes to get rid of the 60-year-old Second Ave. El between 59th and 129th Sts. With the Sixth Ave. El already gone and the fate of the Third Ave. line practically sealed, Manhattan’s homeliest landmarks soon will have vanished…”

(Els didn’t figure prominently in Weegee’s photos. Perhaps there are only a few Weegee photos with or about elevated subways: Joy of Living, cake box murder (perhaps), street car crash on the Bowery, and the shadow of the El (in Naked City), also on the Bowery, all under an El…)

PM, September 29, 1940, pp.52-53
“Eisenstein Film, Lost 8 Years Comes to N.Y.”
Time in the Sun…” [Or, ¡Qué viva México!]

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