Weegee Daily… Mongrel Pup… November 17, 1941…

PM, November 17, 1941
Mongrel Pup Almost Dies Saving 16 Families in Fire
“Jerry, mongrel collie, was overcome by smoke in a fish store at 210 E. 10th St., but not before he attracted the attention of a passerby.”
“When the ambulance arrived an intern gave the unconscious pup an injection and continued treatments until he regained his senses. Sixteen families made their escape from apartments above the store, due to Jerry’s warning.”
“John Lamanna, Jerry’s owner, tenderly carries him off wrapped in a blanket. The intern said the dog would recover.”
PM Photos by Weegee




Weegee Daily, November 17, 2014
No Pups, No Fire, No Fish Store…

Sarcastically he writes: Weegee’s crime scene photos published in the TABLOID above are typically “grim” and bloody…

(To be continued…)

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