“When Is a Subject too Old to Photograph?”

Goin’ to Chicago Blues“; Joe Turner; Freddie Slack Trio; Count Basie; James Rushing; Publication date: September 8, 1941

New York Is a City Of Flat Topped Roofs
By Ralph Ingersoll
(Photos by Alan Fisher)

Watch the Birdie“; Sonny Dunham and his Orch.; Don Raye; Gene dePaul; Harriet Clark; Publication date: September 8, 1941

When Is a Subject too Old to Photograph?
By Ralph Steiner
(Photos by Harold Corsini)

…What the photographer must realize is this: the Brooklyn Bridge is old, but life goes on around and over and under it, and life is always new. Mother and Child is an older subject than Brooklyn Bridge, yet it is still a good subject for painters and photographers who are sensitive enough to the ever-new qualities in their relationship.

The photographs of Brooklyn Bridge on this page look new because they show the relationship between the bridge and its neighbors. The elements are old but they add up to a new total.

If a photographer follows in the footsteps of the great who have gone before, [they] will end up without having made any interesting footsteps [themselves]. No artist in any medium has ever slavishly copied the approach and style of a great master and become a master in [their] own right. Strike out for yourself: see and photograph things you like in such a way that others will know why you like them. And since there is no one in the world exactly like you – this sounds like the last line of a love letter – your photographs will be fresh and interesting.

The Problem of Keeping City Kids Off the Streets
By Raymond Abrashkin
(Photographs by Mary Morris)

PLAY PLACES: There Aren’t Enough Satisfactory Playgrounds in New York
…and Many Kids Think It’s More Fun to Run Wild in the Streets
(Photographs by Mary Morris)

PM, September 8, 1940

Rocks in My Bed“; Joe Turner; Freddie Slack Trio; Duke Ellington; Publication date: September 8, 1941

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