(Mourning) Els and Oysters

“Elevated Trains”; Major (5031 B); 1960

“Subway Trains”; Major (5031 A); 1960


Artists Mourn a Fascinating Model: Manhattan Els

By Elizabeth Sacartoff

Early in October they expect to start junking the 72-year-old Ninth Ave. El. Later in the month, the Board of Transportation hopes to get rid of the 60-year-old Second Ave. El between 59thand 129th Sts. With the Sixth Ave. El already gone and the fate of the Third Ave. line practically sealed, Manhattan’s homeliest landmarks soon will have vanished.

Whatever ugliness the elevated lines have pressed on the growing city, whatever stigma of noise, grime and poverty clings to them, they have been as natural on the face of New York as a birthmark. As the El pillars go down, recollections of past eras will depend more and more on recorded history. And the El’s most vivid historians have been the artists…

PM, September 29, 1940, p.50

“Thirty-One Miles for a Nickel The Subway Serenade”; Deek Watson And His Brown Dots; Deek Watson; Bill Tennyson; Manor (1005 B); 1945


Eisenstein Film, Lost 8 Years, Comes to N.Y.

PM, September 29, 1940, p. 52.

“The Subway”; New York University Glee Club Varsity Quartet; Harry Price; Frank Pike; John Folly; William Wolf; Roger P. Bird; New York University Book Store (1 B)

Oystermen Get Strange Hauls

Margaret Bourke-White set out to photograph an oyster fisherman’s work and found that what makes it interesting is not the oysters but the things that come up from the sea bottom with them. Here you see strange creatures the oysterman meets daily…

PM, September 29, 1940, p. 56, Photos by Margaret Bourke-White, PM Staff.

“You’re Not the Only Oyster in the Stew”; “Fats” Waller and his Rhythm; “Fats” Waller; Johnny Burke; Harold Spina; RCA Victor (20-2218-B); May 1947

PM, September 29, 1940, p. 2 (Photo by Mary Morris)

Family Album

Elizabeth Hawes…

“The Subway Glide;” Walter J. Van Brunt; Gillespie; Norman; Victor (17112-A); 1912

PM, September 29, 1940, p. 60

It’s Neither Abnormal Nor New for Women to Wear Trousers

By Elizabeth Hawes

“The land where the women wear the trousers”; Billy Williams; “Cinch” (5042); 1913

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