“Nothing to say.”

“He Never Said a Mumblin’ Word”; Golden Gate Quartet; Okeh (6529); Publication date: December 3, 1941

The New York Times, December 3, 1941 (Unidentified photographer)

“Moses Smote the Waters”; Golden Gate Quartet; Columbia (36937); December 3, 1941

PM, December 3, 1941, p.12

“I Got It Bad (And That Ain’t Good)”; Jimmy Dorsey And His Orchestra; Helen O’Connell; Duke Ellington; Paul Webster; Decca (4103 B); December 3, 1941

So that there would be no hysterical outbursts in court, the families of the condemned men and their relatives were ruled out of the courtroom. They met in the corridor, however. Mrs. Weiss stands with her friends folded. Mrs. Buchalter is the woman at the right. The woman with her hand to her face was not identified. (Unidentified photographer)

Photographers caught up with Lepke leaving the courtroom. Weiss hides under his hat.

PM Photos

PM, December 3, 1941, p.12 (Unidentified photographers)

“Bones, Bones, Bones (Ezekiel In The Valley)”; Golden Gate Quartet; Wilson; Owens; Riddick; Frederick; Columbia (36937); December 3, 1941

(80 years ago today…)

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