“Ice cream sales are up 95 per cent.”

“A Foggy Day”; Lester Young and His Orchestra; Gershwin; Lester Young; Jo Jones; John Lewis; Gene Ramey; Norman Granz; Mercury (8946); 1951

PM, December 5, 1941, p. 16, (Photos by Wide World and Irving Haberman.)

New York Gropes Through Twin Fog, Worst in Years

Skyscrapers swim in a sea of fog in this picture, taken yesterday from the RCA Building, looking south. Two fogs – meteorologically speaking – engulfed the city. One was a land fog, caused by a loitering mass of warm moist air from the south passing over relatively cool earth. The other a sea fog, caused by cold air over relatively warmer water, made going thicker near the harbor. Smoke spread out and mixed with the water vapor, lowering visibility still farther. The fog has hung here three nights, but may be dissipated today by rain and refreshing winds.

…Fog varied in depth from a few hundred feet to more than 1000. Last one like this, in January, 1935, stayed three days.

“Lost in a Fog”; Connie Boswell; Jimmie Grier & his Orchestra; Fields; McHugh; Brunswick (7303); October 1934

PM, December 5, 1941, p. 17 (Photo by Ray Platnick)

Looking north from corner of Grand Army Plaza and Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, toward Flatbush Avenue. The picture was taken at 10 o’clock last night. The motorists, up against fog that sometimes cut visibility to a few feet, drove slowly all over town, so there were fewer accidents in the fog than in clear weather. But one accident tied up Brooklyn Bridge 45 minutes. A peddler’s wagon was struck by an automobile, and his horse was killed. By good luck and alertness the fire engines got to the regular quota of blazes in time, without crackups.

“Foggy River”; Red Foley; Roy Ross and His Ramblers; Fred Rose; Decca (46024 A); July 31, 1946-

PM, December 5, 1941, p. 13

The man who gave Sacrface Al Capone his scar is under arrest as a vagrant.

“Troubles Good-Bye”; Jimmy Liggins And His Drops of Joy; Jimmy Liggins; J. Liggins; Specialty (SP 520 B); 1947

PM, December 5, 1941, p. 13

Gracie Mansion…

“I Ain’t Drunk”; Jimmy Liggins; Aladdin (3250); 1954

Remember him?

PM, December 5, 1941, p. 13

“Black Coffee”; Sarah Vaughan; Webster; Burke; Joe Lipman; Columbia (38462); 1949

The New York Times, December 5, 1933

“40 Cups of Coffee”; Danny Overbea; King Kolex and his Orchestra; D. Overbea; Checker (774); 1953

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