“…threatening to create a photographic furore.”

“Hollywood Stampede”; Coleman Hawkins’ Band; Coleman Hawkins; Vic Dickenson; Allan Reuss; Howard McGhee; “Sir Charles” Thompson; Oscar Pettiford; Denzil Best; Capitol (10036); 1945

PM, March 14, 1948, p.19

An Overall Plan for Reducing New York City Traffic Congestion

“The Hills of California”; Johnny Mercer and the Pied Pipers; Paul Weston and His Orchestra; Robert Hayward; Robert Staver; Capitol (15051); March 1948

PM, March 14, 1948 (photo by Bernie Aumuller)

AN OLD HAND turns a reel in a new field as Weegee, ex-newspaper photographer, edits his first movie – an experimental 16mm color fantasy which is threatening to create a photographic furore.

“Hollywood Jump”; Count Basie and his Orch.; Ed Lewis; Shad Collins; Buck Clayton; Harry Edison; Benny Morton; Dickie Wells; Dan Minor; Earl Warren; Jack Washington; Lester Young; Buddy Tate; Count Basie; Freddie Green; Jo Jones; Walter Page; Basie; Gibson; Columbia (35338); 1939

PM, March 14, 1948

Next Sunday, March 21 they [Cinema 16] are giving Weegee’s New York its first public screening…
After the New York screening, Weegee and his film go direct to Hollywood…

($1.50 in March 1948 had the same buying power in January 2023 as $19.18.)

“On The House”; Leo Parker Quintette; Leo Parker; Sir Charles; Joe Newman; Al Lucas; Jack Parker; Savoy (957-B); March 1948

PM, March 14, 1948

($182.25 in March 1948 had the same buying power in January 2023 as $2,330.07.)

“Blues at Daybreak”; Paul Williams and His Hucklebuckers; M. King; Savoy (773-B); March 1948

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