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PM, June 6, 1946
(By James Parlatore, Photos by Morris Gordon)

Bowery’s Mayor Sammy Says It With Champagne
Three-Hour Show Celebrates Rise to Title

“The forgotten man was remembered yesterday on the Bowery.
He was a guest at a cocktail party where champagne, scotch and beer were served lavishly to wash down huge helpings of corned beef and hot dogs – and it was all free!
The forgotten man – one of the many individuals who come to that gloomy street under the noisy Third Ave. El in downtown Manhattan to forget their pasts – shuffled in with other derelicts and bums into Sammy’s Bowery Follies at 267 Bowery, because the host, Sammy Fuchs, was celebrating his accession to the honorary title of “Mayor of the Bowery”…”

(Coincidentally, we walked the length of the Bowery last night, and 267 Bowery is open again, with out hizzoner and the character(s)…)

New York Herald Tribune, July 24, 1941
Tattooed Woman Makes Big Mistake on Bowery
Mildred Hull, forty-five years old, a tattooed woman and tattoo artist… with a natural distaste for the commonplace, threw a bottle at a friend who had made a conventional remark about the weather. The bottle struck a police radio patrol car.
The incident occurred in front of Ms. Hull’s tattooing establishment at 2 1/2 Bowery… Miss Hull let the bottle fly with an uninhibited swing…
Both went to jail.”

PM Daily, June 16, 1943
40 Saved From Blazing Street Car After Bowery Collision…
“Apparently trying to cut in ahead of the street car, Woodrow Rivers, the truck driver, was crushed to death behind his steering wheel as the truck was wedged between the trolley and an elevated pillar. This picture was made after fire had swept through the truck.”
Photos by Weegee

Weegee Daily, June 16, 2013
Amazing (and perhaps slightly lesser-known) late, early period fire and car-truck-extinct-public-transportation crash photos… In front of the Gotham Hotel, at 356 Bowery…
Photo by Ceegee
Google Street View’s view of 356 Bowery (not my 344 Bowery)…

And it’s unusual to see an AF number in printed photographs; (1943 is when this is prevalent)…

PM Newspaper
PM Daily, June 8, 1941
“The Cumfort Hotel, an unoccupied flop house at 21 Bowery, was swept by fire yesterday. Battalion Chief Patrick Carey and Fireman Thomas Deady fell from a ladder while climbing to the roof. Here is Deady being taken to a hospital where he was found to be suffering from concussion of the brain. Chief Carey suffered only bruises.
PM Photo by Weegee

Weegee Daily, June 8, 2013
The Cumfort Hotel is now the Confucius Florist…

WD Photo by Google Street View (There should be Google Street View at night.)

To be continued…

PM Daily, January 21, 1941, Vol. 1, No. 155, p.1
New York Shelters…
protect 7000 of the city’s homeless residents every cold wintry night. There are two city shelters, one for men, one for women, and others like this one, the Bowery Mission, where these men are allowed to sit up all night… after they’ve sung hymns for an hour or so.

PM Newspaper 1941
PM Daily, January 21, 1941, Vol. 1, No. 155, p. 12
Here’s How a PM Reporter Spent a Night on the Bowery…
You don’t have to sing for your sleep, but men who spend the night at the Municipal Lodging House at 432 E. 25th St. are turned out at 5 a.m. regardless of the weather. It’s a long, hard walk from the Bowery to the lodgings, yet it’s mostly the old men who go there.

“…Then I retraced my steps with a photographer and took these pictures, finishing at 5 a.m. at the Municipal Lodging House, where I watched and he photographed the homeless old men being turned out into the bitter cold.
That’s right. They turn these men out at 5 a.m. into the cold, bitter morning.”

PM Newspaper 1941
PM Daily, January 21, 1941, Vol. 1, No. 155, p. 13
…And Here’s How Hundreds of Homeless Men Spend Every Night.
At No. 8 Bowery [believe there was a correction issued the next day] is the dark, dingy Bowery (All Night) Mission. Those who come early have to sing hymns for their sleep. Late comers stand out in the cold until services are over. Services last about two hours, till midnight. Sleepers at the Mission have to lean over the bench in front. They walk in and out all night. They cough. They snore. Drunks babble, dogs[!] bark. Sleep ends at 5 a.m.

PM Photos by Weegee

The amazing article by Gene De Poris begins: “I was a bum on New York’s Bowery. I told my mother I didn’t want any dinner, not even a cup of coffee…”


Weegee Daily, January 21, 2013
Approximate location of the Municipal Lodging House, 432 East 25th St., Manhattan. Today it’s the rear of the VA hospital, and after three months, it’s still closed after Super Storm Sandy…


Weegee Daily, January 21, 2013
…And Here’s How Hundreds of People Spend Saturday Afternoons…
Stuck in traffic while driving on the Bowery; shopping on the Bowery, shopping in the Lower East Side, and shopping in Nolita…
The Bowery Mission, at 227 Bowery (229 Bowery, was, among other things, the studio of the great Charles Eisenmann, etc.), the best looking building on the block, is still offering shelter, and song, etc…
Two homeless in NYC snapshots:
In the winter of 1941: 7,000 homeless people.
In the fall of 2012:
Total number of homeless people in municipal shelters: 48,694
Number of homeless families: 11,678
Number of homeless children: 20,383
Number of homeless adults in families: 17,843
Number of homeless single adults: 10,476
Number of homeless single men: 7,728
Number of homeless single women: 2,740
(2012 info from the Coalition for the Homeless website.)

Weegee Daily Photos by Ceegee

Weegee Daily Map!