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Weegee, PM, November 24, 1941, p. 13

Cop Kills Holdup Man: A few minutes after he had held up an Essex Street lunchroom on the Lower East Side and shot a patron, Vincent Mannuzza, 31, was lying dead at the feet of the cop who shot him. Patrolman Laurence Cramer, right, shot and killed Mannuzza, after a two-block chase and is shown handing the gunman’s revolver to Sgt. Eugene Morland. The $20 loot taken from the restaurant lies in Mannuzza’s hat at his side. An ambulance surgeon crouches over the dead man who was shot in he head and back. Mannuzza shot a customer, Adam Zayko, 50, when he refused to go into the back room with two other customers and the mangaer of the lunchroom.
PM Photo by Weegee

Weegee Daily, November 24, 2012, – Approximate location
WD Photo by Ceegee

Footnote, or, after a few minutes of Googling, two similar, yet slightly different accounts:

The Herald Statesman, Yonkers, N.Y., Monday, November 24, 1941, p. 5

The Niagara Falls Gazette, Monday, November 24, 1941, p. 22

Weegee Daily, November 24, 2012 – Approximate location
WD Photo by Ceegee

PM, June 4, 1943
City Board Cuts Down on Heat Wave Scenes Like This

Enjoying life while they may, this happy group of youngsters ducks the 89 degree heat under a shower at the Monroe St. Playground unaware that as they cooled off that the Board of Estimate had been doing its bit to cut down on scenes like this. The board prepared for the hottest months by slashing playground and recreation funds to the bone, dropping 82 playgrounds and limiting hours of use.

Dozing New Yorkers are still creatures of the soil – with thousands of others this heat bedeviled citizen takes to the Park and grass. Temperature at midnight was 83 and the parks were still populated.

These kids took matters into their own hands until the cops turned off the hydrant. This was Cherry St. on the Lower East Side, but the scene was duplicated many places.
PM Photos by Weegee

Weegee Daily, June 4, 2014
Enjoying life while they may, (YOLO) this happy group of youngsters skates and rides in the 81 degree heat under the Manhattan Bridge at the Coleman Square Playground unaware that as they skated and biked the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation have planted 865, 159 trees… And according to

New York has come a long way in building an environmentally-sustainable future, and with more than 29,800 acres of parkland, we are well on our way to becoming the greenest city in America. Our city’s parks improve quality of life for all New Yorkers, and over the last 12 years, our Administration has invested $5 billion in rebuilding, revitalizing, and preserving these essential resources…
We have also worked to ensure that these spaces provide our residents with opportunities to enjoy outstanding art and innovative design. NYC Parks curates the largest municipal outdoor art museum in the United States, with a permanent collection of 1,000 monuments and art pieces installed across the city and more than 30 temporary exhibits showcased each year. Our green spaces are a study in good design as well, seamlessly blending the natural landscape with manmade structures and paying homage to the rich history of New York.

Skating New Yorkers are still creatures of the air and the wheels – with thousands of others this pink clad citizen takes to the park and the concrete. Temperature at midnight was 71.

No kids… This was Cherry St. on the Lower East Side, but the scene was duplicated many places…

This was a small discovery. We didn’t see this page or these photos in any bibliography…
WD Photos by Ceegee

PM Newspaper 1941
PM Daily, March 19, 1941, Vol. I, No. 196, p. 32
Tenement Fire On Lower East Side Drives 50 Families Into Cold
“Down in one of New York’s poorest districts, half a hundred families are crowded into an old house at 90 Stanton St. Fire started in an adjacent tenement, was sucked through the air shafts by the high wind, almost smothering all of those who lived there. Here is a rescue.”
Photo by Weegee

PM Newspaper 1941

Weegee Daily, March 19, 2014
No Fire On Lower East Side… Sun Sets on Lower East Side…
An adjacent building is no tenement… Looks like the rat trap in the lower right corner is still there… (“No Beggars or Peddlers” a sign in 1941 says… “Notice: No Loitering, No Peddling, No Soliciting, Allowed in this Building” a sign in 2014 says…)
One of the best PM back covers…

Our March 19, 2013 Weegee Daily post is here…
Photo by Ceegee

PM Daily, August 18, 1944, p. 17
Police End Kids’ Street Shower – Under Orders
At the corner of Cherry St. and Rutgers Pl. on the Lower East Side, sweltering kids turned on a fire hydrant and had a cooling shower until the cops came around. Under orders, the police turned the water off. In sympathy with the kids however, they scolded no one and left at once to do the same job at another corner. We suspect this hydrant went on again soon after the cops left.
Photo by Weegee, PM

Weegee Daily, August 18, 2013
NYC Ends Kids’ Street
At the corner of Cherry St. and Rutgers Pl. on the Lower East Side there were no kids. If there were any kids a sprinkler cap would have been not illegal…
Photo by Ceegee, WD

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