“hard labor for the rest of your life.”

It’s Hard To Be Shut Up In Prison,” The Blind Soldier, David Miller, 1931

Charlie, The Bug, Gets Life Sentence After Undertaker Cohen Blasts Alibi for Killing

By John Kobler

Within 10 minutes after court convened yesterday and before his lawyers could barely get their defense wheeling, Charlie (The Bug) Workman was a cooked goose…

The six-year-old mystery of who killed Dutch Schultz had been penetrated. The deck was now clear for Mr. O’Dwyer to shoot at bigger game – Lepke Buchalter himself, who comes up for trial July 14.

PM, June 11, 1941, p.18 (PM Photo by Michael Strepka)

Jail Bird,” Sonny Knight; Jack Collier Orchestra; Bruce Morgan, 1956

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