…”looking toward his future…”

(1) Horses and Wagon; (2) Horses Gallop By; (3) One Horse Galloping By Fast

PM, July 8, 1940

McWilliams, Fascist Candidate, Faces His Future Undiscouraged

Joseph Ellsberry McWilliams, Fascist-type candidate of his American Destiny Party for Congressman, is still speaking at Yorkville street-corner meetings undiscouraged by his conviction in court Saturday of disorderly conduct. McWilliams is shown in the driver’s seat of a covered wagon, the emblem of his party. He must appear Wednesday in Felony court to pay a $50 fine or start serving a 30-day jail sentence. Meantime police officials of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut meet here today to study fifth-column problems. Photo by Weegee

1. Horses Hoofs (Turf) 2. Horses Hoofs (Turf) 3. Horses Hoofs (Cobbles), 1932

Weegee, Naked City, 1945, p.231

This is Joe McWilliams, professional anti-Semite and Nazi lover… Don’t make any mistake… that’s handsome Joe at the top of the picture… looking toward his future….

“Horses Don’t Bet on People,” Kay Kyser and his Orchestra; Clyde Rogers; Loeb; 1945

The New York Times, July 7, 1940

The New York Times, July 7, 1940

“My Pony’s Hair Turned Gray (When My Darling Ran Away),” Texas Jim Robertson; Bernard Houben; Mack Kaye; 1940

The New York Times, July 7, 1940 [$1.00 had the same buying power in July 1940 as $19.23 in May 2021.]

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Entirely irrelevant… a few great songs published on July 8, 1940:

“There is No Greater LoveAndy Kirk And His Clouds of Joy; Pha Terrell; Isham Jones; Marty Symes; July 8, 1940

“Midnight Stroll,” Andy Kirk And His Clouds of Joy; June Richmond; Sammy Lowe; Stanley Adams; July 8, 1940

“Now I Lay Me Down To Dream,” Andy Kirk And His Clouds Of Joy; Ted Fio Rito; Eddy Howard; Pha Terrell; July 8, 1940

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