NO PARKING,” Paul Quinichette and his Orchestra; Quinichette; 1953

PM, July 9, 1941, p.19

Department of Indignation: Illegal Signs

No sign, painting, or printing purporting to give directions, speed limits or other provisions of the Traffic Regulations or manner of driving shall be permitted on the streets or sidewalks or buildings without proper authority. – Section 7 of the Police Department’s Traffic Regulations, as amended Nov. 4, 1940.

Quote that to the doorman who, pointing to a sign like those pictured at right and below, says: You can’t park here!”

For the only No parking sign that can make it stick is the official Police Department sign pictured here.
PM, July 9, 1941, p.19

NO PARKING HERE,” GENE O’QUIN; Billy Fairman; Billey Willey; 1951

1026 Fifth Ave.
1130 Fifth Ave.
233 W. 125th St.
601 Cathedral Pkwy.
13 E. 70h St.
935 Fifth Ave.
2510 Broadway
PM, July 9, 1941, p.19

No Parking (No estacionarse)“, The Cotton Pickers; Napoleon; Raph; Chase; 1929

The superintendent at 789 West End Ave., an apartment house, put on this demonstration for Weegee, who took the pictures, on the page. The sign keeps most parkers away, he said. But once in a while a driver simply pulls up there and, when challenged, “answers with a four-letter word” telling the superintendent what he can do.
PM, July 9, 1941, p.19

Parking Meter Blues,” Shelton Bros. (Bob and Joe); Johnny Hodges; 1939

“YOU AIN’T NOWHERE,” Jimmie Lunceford and his Orch.; Edwin Wilcox; James Crawford; Moses Allen; Al Norris; Willie Smith; Joe Thomas; Ted Buchner; Earl Carruthers; Dan Grisson; Gerald Wilson; Paul Webster; Snookie Young; Elmer Crumbley; James Young; Russell Bowles; Dandridge Sisters; Jordan Redman; Segure; July 9, 1941

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