“…Finds a Camera Man There…”

“Cuba Libre”; Xavier Cugat and his Orchestra; Lina Romay; Stillman; Cugat; Asherman; November 26, 1940

Batista Favored in Cuban Elections

“Planes”; [“(1) Dive Bomber Zooming; (2) Dive Bomber Zooming; (3) PB40 Plane Zooming; (4) P84 Plane Zooming; (5) P84 Plane Zooming; (6) Tri-Motor Bomber Passing Overhead”]; 1960

Arming The U.S.A.

Building and equipping war planes has become a major industry in Jamaica, Queens… The instrument is the view finder of an aerial military camera. It acts like the wrong end of a telescope in distorting the man’s face… Aerial cameras are indispensable in modern war… Photo by Alan Fisher.

“Air Raid”; [(Alert Sirens, Planes, Planes Overhead, Bursting Bombs, Building Crashing, Glass Splinters, and All Clear)], ca. 1960

Lightning, Rain, Trouble

Lightning smashed the skylight on Kanter’s Department Store, 132 W. 125th St. did $5,000 damage (estimated) to the stock. Photo by Weegee

[$5,000, in July 1940, had the same buying power as $96,141.07, in May 2021.]

“Continuous Thunder”; 1960

Joan Crawford, Shopping at Macy’s Finds a Camera Man There
Photo by Peter Killian, PM Staff

“IT’S ALL SO NEW TO ME (Todo es Tan Distinto)”; Joan Crawford Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Star; Marty Symes; Bernice Petkere; Nat W. Finston; 1939

“I’M NO COMMUNIST”; LULU BELLE AND SCOTTY; Lulu Belle & Scotty; Wiseman; 1952

Family Album

John Albert, of PM’s photographic staff, is the first entry in out Family Album who’s a native New Yorker. Here he’s shown working in PM’s laboratory… Photo by Leo Lieb, PM Staff

“The Camera Doesn’t Lie (Neither Do I) (La Camara No Miente),” Eddy Duchin and his Orchestra; Buddy Clarke; Edgar Leslie; Joe Burke, 1937

PM, July 12, 1940

A few songs released today, July 12, 1940:

“SULTAN SERENADE”; HORACE HENDERSON and his ORCHESTRA; F. Henderson; July 12, 1940

“DO RE MI”; Horace Henderson and his Orchestra; H. Henderson; July 12, 1940

“SOMETIMES I’M HAPPY”; “Music of Yesterday and Today Styled the Blue Barron Way”; Russ Carlyle; Irving Caesar; Vincent Youmans; July 12, 1940 [Thinking of Sun Ra and June Tyson…]

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