Spark Harmony Framed Revenge

“FRAMED”; The Robins; Leiber; Stoller; Spark (107); October 1954

The New York Times, November 27, 1941

“Revenge”; Texas Jim Robertson and The Panhandle Punchers; Jenny Lou Carson; RCA Victor (21-0130-B); 1949

The New York Times, November 27, 1941

Lepke Was Framed, His Counsel Asserts

Defense Says Rubin, Seeking Revenge Planned Murder

“Revenge”; Henry Therrein; Akst; Lewis; Young; Harmony (712-H); 1928

Now the Japanese Know: U.S.A. Won’t Sell Out China

“Ev’rything I Love”; Benny Goodman and his Orchestra; Peggy Lee; Cole Porter; Okeh (6516); Publication date: November 27, 1941

PM, November 27, 1941

His Master Died in this room which was shattered by the blast of an illuminating-gas explosion last night, but a black shepherd dog Freca, was uninjured by either gas or the explosion. Police say Thomas Quinn, 31, a commercial artist, was found lying in front of a gas stove with all jets open in his west 26th Street apartment, but failed to make either a suicide or accident listing. Freca hid behind a small piano.

PM, November 27, 1941
PM photos by Weegee

“Just A Man And His Dog”; Red Foley; The Cumberland Valley Boys; Jack Rollins; Audrey Ganum; Decca (46291); December 18, 1947

Weegee, PM, November 27, 1941

“Lonesome Dog Blues”; Lightning Hopkins; Hopkins; RPM (346); September 1951

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