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PM, June 7, 1944
The Face of New York on Invasion Day
“The crowds in Times Square were serious yesterday – glad that D-Day had come and yet solemn at the thought of the boys in the fighting. Below you see some of the faces turned up toward the electric sign on the Times Building as bulletins of Allied progress were flashed out.”
Photos by Weegee, PM

WD, June 7, 2014
The Face of New York on D-Day Plus 25,550
“God Bless America”
“Trust No One”

The crowds in Times Square were serious yesterday – glad that D-Day had come 70 Years ago today… Above you see some of the faces posing for dollars, torch and cash in hand turned up, and nearly flashing…

PM Daily, September, 4, 1944
It was 5 o’clock in the morning at Duffy Square, Broadway and 47th St. The Labor Day influx and the shortage of hotel space coincided with warm weather, and many visiting servicemen found it convenient to sleep outdoors, along with a few of the steady park bench customers.
Photo by Weegee, PM

Weegee Daily, September 4, 2013
It was 5 o’clock in the afternoon at Duffy Square, Broadway and 47th St. The post Labor Day influx coincided with the warm, not humid, weather, and many visitors to the Naked City posed with a beautiful woman wearing a pink feathered headdress and many more visitors found it convenient to sit on the red stairs, under a watchful eye…
Photo by Ceegee, WD

PM Daily, August 6, 1941
Afterward, business as usual: Replacing burned-out bulbs in the Wrigley sign.
PM Photos by Weegee

Weegee Daily, August 6, 2013
Afterwork, business as usual: making photos, chewing fishgum, and (not) replacing (metaphorical) burned-out-compact-fluorescent bulbs…
WD Photos by Ceegee

PM Daily, August 1, 1943
The news about Mussolini comes to Broadway and 42d St.
This is how Joe Doakes received the news last Sunday that the Italians had kicked out Mussolini. Joe didn’t start waving his hat. He looked surprised, thoughtful – wary. Joe, in this case, was the New Yorker who, on his way into one of the first-run movie palaces in Times Square… had just spotted the CBS news flash… Weegee, who snapped away unnoticed by his subjects. “I would say they were hopefully waiting to see Adolf’s name up there, too.”

Weegee Daily, August 1, 2013
The news about the Naked City comes to Broadway and 44th St.
This is how the naked cowgirls and boys… spotted the ABC news flash…

(to be continued…)

Grant Reynard, PM Daily, Sunday, November 27, 1943

“Four for a quarter.
The quick-photo places are packing them in this Fall. Girls, sailors and Army men crowd the little galleries. Some of the boys come in alone and sit in the bright lights of the tiny booths, wearing their manliest smiles as the cameras click. Girls make up and fix their hair at the mirrorsand, seated on low stools, freeze a startled smile on their pretty faces for their boyfriends…”

(More information about the great Grant Reynard, can be found here.)