“Day Dream”; Johnny Hodges and Orchestra (An Ellington Unit); Billy Strayhorn; Duke Ellington’ Bluebird (B-11021-A); Publication date: November 2, 1940

PM, November 1, p. 12 (Unidentified photographer)

Mark Hellinger

“That’s the Blues Old Man”; Johnny Hodges and Orchestra; Johnny Hodges; Irving Mills; Bluebird (B-11117-A); Publication date: November 2, 1940

“Just Kiddin’ Around”; Artie Shaw & his Orchestra; Ray Conniff; Victor (27806-B); Publication date: October 30, 1941

PM, October 30, 1941, p. 14

The Katz Salami
In the Army Now

“This is Katz’s – that’s all. Short and sweet. You don’t have to say nothing. I’m the original.”

…Now Katz’s salami is in the army – that’s right, yes. Send a salami to your boy in the army – that’s a Katz slogan.”

“Take Your Shoes Off, Baby (And Start Runnin’ Through My Mind)”; Artie Shaw & his Orchestra; Gene Austin; “Hot Lips” Page; Victor (27719-B); Publication date; October 30, 1941

“F.D.R. Jones”; Chick Webb And His Orchestra; Ella Fitzgerald; Harold J. Rome; Decca (2105 A); October 6, 1938

PM, October 29, 1944, p. m2

FDR at Broadway and 49th Street. With him on the back seat is Sen Wagner. Mike Reily, head of the White House Secret Service detail, watches the crowd from the running board. Photo by Weegee


PM, October 29, 1944, p. m3


By Grant Reynard

The President goes by


“Aurora”; Xavier Cugat and his Waldorf-Astoria Orchestra; Margo; Adamson; Berrios; Lago; Roberti; Columbia (36139); 1941

PM, October 28, 1945, p. m12


Margo gets in Fredric March’s hair. The Tina and Maj. Joppolo of the play, A Bell for Adano, which closed Saturday night, photographed at a farewell party for the cast… Margo [1917-1985] had just smeared March’s [1897-1975] hair with icing from the party’s 450-pound, bell-shaped cake… Photo By Weegee

“I Said No”; Xavier Cugat and his Waldorf-Astoria Orchestra; Margo and Xavier Cugat; Loesser; Styne; Columbia (36488); 1941

PM, October 28, 1945, p. m13

Leahy Honors PM Coast Guardsman Adm William Leahy presenting a Navy citation to Chief Photographer’s Mate Ray Platnick, in Washington this week. Chief Platnick, in the service more than three years, returns to PM Nov 5. His photo, Coffee Drinkers, taken during the battle for Eniwetok Atoll, won second prize in work of 100 Navy combat photographers in the Pacific.

“40 Cups of Coffee”; Danny Overbea; King Kolex and his Orchestra; D. Overbea; Checker (774); 1953

“A Collection of Favorite Hawaiian Songs”; Dorothy Lamour; Dick McIntire And His Harmony Hawaiians; Del Lyon; Lani McIntire; Gordon Beecher; Johnny Noble; Alfred Newman; Frank Loesser; R. Alex Anderson; Decca (23323 A / 23323 B / 23324 A / 23324 B); Publication date: October 26, 1943

Murder Hunt Centers on Husband’s Missing Uniform

PM, October 26, 1943, p 11

The body of Mrs. Patricia Burton Lonergan, heiress slain early Sunday, is removed from her Beekman Hill apartment. Photo by Weegee, PM
PM, October 26, 1943, p 11

“Murder in the First Degree”; St. Louis Jimmy; Burton & Oden; Parrot (823); April 1956

October 26, 2022

[Weegee was on the spot for the murder that resulted in “one of the most sensational trials of the 1940s.” (NY Times)… Wayne Lonergan was in Sing-Sing prison for more than twenty years. He was “sentenced to 35 years to life after his conviction on second degree murder charges, [he] was released in 1967 and deported to Canada. He lived quietly in Toronto, where he died of cancer.” (The New York Times, January 3, 1986)… (The $385 monthly rent that the Lonergans paid for the triplex apartment, the first three floors of the building, built in 1939, is about $6,600 today)…]

“It’s Murder”; Lil Armstrong And Her Swing Orchestra; Lil Armstrong; Buck; Armstrong; Decca (1182 A); 1936

“The Line Is Busy”; Excelsior Music; Star (Orig.); Publication date: 1940-08-23

PM, August 23, 1940, Exclusive Photo by Weegee

Masked, Armed Bandits Rob Manhattan Mail Train

Mail Clerk Brooks Hall waiting for police to saw away handcuffs clamped on by bandits.

“Mail Order Woman”; Jack Dupree; Dupree; Burkes; King (4938); 1955

Rome, NY, August 24, 1940

Train Robbers Shackle Mail Clerk

Brooks Hall (center) railway mail clerk on a New York Central train held up by six gunmen at the Marble Hill station in New York City, was shackled to an iron post in the mail car, along with his companion. The robbers escaped with a mail pouch which they apparently thought carried money shipments but which postal authorities said carried nothing of value.

“Kaycee On My Mind”; Pete Johnson; Dave Dexter; Decca (3384 B); August 23, 1940

Albany, August 24, 1940 (Associated Press Photo)

Shackled by Train Robbers

“Blues On The Down Beat”; Pete Johnson; Decca (3384A), August 23, 1940

“I Wish All My Children Were Babies Again;” Gene Autry; Baxley; Conqueror (9806); Publication date: August 11, 1941

Weegee, PM, August 11, 1941


Weegee, Weegee’s World, 1997, p. 60

“I’m Comin’ Home Darlin'”; Gene Autry; Autry; Hoefle; Dean; Conqueror (9806); Publication date: August 11, 1941

August 11, 2022

“The Chicks I Pick Are Slender and Tender and Tall”; Louis Jordan And His Tympany Five; Louis Jordan; Mike Jackson; Bubsy Meyers; Decca (23629 A / 23629 B); Publication date: July 21, 1942

PM, July 21, p. 32 (Photos by Weegee and Irving Haberman)

Yes, It Was Hottest Day of the Year All Right, All Right

Yesterday thermometer showed 92.6 at 4:45 p.m. – highest of 1942. At 1 a.m yesterday it was 85 – that was when this mam opened fire hydrant.
PM, July 21, p. 32

“Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five”; Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five; Louis Jordan; Mike Jackson; William Weldon; Shepard; Williams; Decca (23628 A); Publication date: July 21, 1942

V-E-News – Flashes (Recorded Tuesday, May 8, 1945) No. 1

V-E Day

V-E-News – Flashes (Recorded Tuesday, May 8, 1945); No. 2

The Big Celebration in Times Square

“Wartime broadcast speech by Sir Winston Churchill”; Winston Churchill; May 8, 1945

All Around the Town… Our Unofficial Victory Celebration

PM, Nay 8, 1945

“On A Note Of Triumph A CBS Broadcast Commemorating V-E Day (Part 1)”; Martin Gabel; Norman Corwin; Bernard Herrmann; Lud Gluskin; Columbia Masterworks (71664-D)